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        Welcome to Xiantao Xinfa Plastic Products Co., Ltd.!
        Key words:


        Disposable Face Mask

        Product name: Disposable Face Mask

        Sleeve cover

        Product name: Sleeve cover

        Shoe cover

        Product name: Shoe cover

        Non-skid shoe cover

        Product name: Non-skid shoe cover


        Raw materials, technology and equipment

         Use of high-quality raw material, introduce of world leading production line and adopt of advanced technology
         Professional research and design team, experienced administration staff and skilled workers
         Factory outlet, mass customization, self-support export

        Production capacity

         Full production capacity, to adjust and enlarge on demand
         High standard work flow and strict quality control
         Being exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia regions

        Quality and management

         Quality assurance: there is professional quality testing staff in each workshop
         Using of ERP system, having productivity promotion center, industry-leading testing capacity
         Passing IOS9001, IOS013485 system authentication, Europe Union CE authentication and Type5/6 authentication

        Quality service

          First stop for customers with confidence to purchase
         Make on demand and meet customer requirement
         Just-in-time manufacturing, stable supply, quality guarantee

        Xinfa Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

        Xiantao Xinfa Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in April, 1992 in Xiantao Zhongling Industrial Park. Corporate representative is Fu Lixin. Our company is “key manufacturing enterprise of national ...

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